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Welcome to

ByHarmony Oils

My Aroma Freedom Journey

I discovered Aroma Freedom through an educational group I belong to. I had an amazing experience and knew I needed to become a certified practitioner. I have always loved helping others, but I am excited to have found my niche.  I love to see the transformation on client's faces as they let go of their limiting beliefs and realize they can achieve their dreams!




Did you know that the sense of smell is the only direct path to the limbic system in the brain? This is the seat of your emotions and the fight or flight response.

     Aroma Freedom uses this pathway to clear out limiting thoughts holding you back. It allows us to gently transform the negative into positive, life affirming beliefs.

Are you trying to build a business, straighten out your finances, lose weight, or perhaps another goal that feels unattainable? Good news! An Aroma Freedom session can help get you back on the path to your personal freedom!

My promise to you

1) Your session will be completely confidential.
2) Only pure Young Living Essential oils will be used in your session.
3) I will not end our session until you are comfortable with your progress.
4) If I cannot help you, I will refund your money!

This process was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus,

clinical psychologist since 1996 and veteran

essential oil user.

Wild Path

Start your journey to freedom today!

In office at The Red Barn in Durham CT

 or online via Zoom or Skype

Office hours: Tues-& Thurs 4-8 PM

Saturday 9 AM-2 PM

*other times by special appointment*

Individuals: $35 for 1 session

              $90 for 3 sessions

Groups: 3-9 people, $25 each



Start your AFT journey today!

If you are not yet a Young Living member, but would like to become one, visit my site:



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